Want to increase your SAT scores?

I’m a SAT coach who helps students dramatically increase their scores.  But don’t take my word for it – read what some of my previous students had to say about my coaching:

I went over your analysis and I understand where I’m going to have to focus.In one week I had a stable and consistent 200 point increase in the writing category. I didn’t think that could actually happen. Thank you so much for all the help.

I knew she was “the right one” from the first contact on the phone. Stacey was very positive and encouraging from the beginning. We set a goal and worked towards that bringing relief to the whole “college preparation” process. She worked with clear focus, addressing the strengths and weaknesses, being flexible and consistent. After meeting with Stacey we started enjoying this journey, and that is priceless. BTW, my son’s SAT scores went up 150 points after 6 tutoring sessions.

I have serious anxiety over the SAT/ACT. I didn’t think I could possibly get my scores up. We worked for 5 hours together and I learned a lot of valuable stratagies through Stacey. She was very patient and encouraging. She was also very creative in her methods of teaching. I felt confident working with her and at the end of my sessions I felt like I could conquer the SAT world in which I did. I brought my combined SAT score up 150 points. The two times I took the SAT before Stacey I would get so nervous and throw up, however, after my SAT in which I studied with Stacey before I did not get sick at all. I would highly recommend Stacey to anyone who is in need of a tutor.

From the moment we met Stacey she was reassuring, had a positive attitude and was passionate about helping my son reach his goal. She is a natural at teaching and went above and beyond to build my son’s confidence and instruct him on how to properly progress through the test. My son recently took the SAT test again and improved his scores by 200 cumulative points. His math score increased by 100 points, critical reading by 80 points and writing by 20 points. That is a significant increase after only three sessions of tutoring.

Stacy is great teacher, she knows what she is talking about and can actually transfer the knowledge to her students which is key in learning anything. She gives you practice tests and then goes over every question you missed and/or skipped. She knows how to increase your score. After working with her my scores improved by 300 points! I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their score, beginners or experts.
– S.W.

You can find out more about me here or on TeachStreet.

If you are interested in SAT coaching, contact me directly at 425-29-TEACH,
stacey (at) redhorsetutoring (dot) com, or @staceyhowelott.

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